Brewery NewsBrand Refresh launched

21st February 2020by By The Horns Team

Our new branding intends to cohesively bring together the By The Horns four core beers with consistent and eye-catching designs. We want to ensure that every beer we brew is accessible to a broad range of drinkers, with all labels containing a description of the beer and tasting notes. The concept is designed to take the mystery out of craft beer and appeal to a wider audience with a delicious and approachable range.

In a step of commitment to sustainability, all beers are labelled with fully recyclable & biodegradable Tintoretto labels, which are made of uncoated paper using FSC® certified environmentally-friendly ECF pulp, a material more commonly used in the wine industry.

Alex Bull, Co-founder and Production Director, describes the reason behind the rebrand: “As a busy brewery it can be difficult day to day to step back and see where you fit in the marketplace. As a company, we recently spent a good deal of time looking at our brand and the message it was giving to our customers. At times we felt there was a conflicting message with the brewery and the beer itself. We wanted to clean up that message and inform the consumer’s choice in a quick and enjoyable way.”

Chris Mills, Co-founder and Sales Manager, adds: “Each beer is clearly labelled with style and has a brief description on the front so you know exactly how it was made and how it would taste. We have loved working with our designer on illustrations for each design to keep it clean, light and interesting. This rebrand signifies the maturation of our brand by aligning our core values of the business to the visual brand we represent; a straight talking core beer range that is clear and approachable, yet underpinned by quality.”

The refreshed core range includes four beers:

  • West End Pils (Czech-style lager with extra pale malt, Saaz and Centennial hops, 4.0%) (available in keg/can)
  • Cosmic Warrior (pale ale with Amarillo, Centennial and Kent Goldings hops, 4.8%) (available in keg/can)
  • Hopadelic (session IPA with Citra, Summit and Cascade hops and extra pale malt, 4.3%) (available in cask/keg/can)
  • Old Smoke (English bitter with smoked malt, Kent Goldings and Challenger hops and Ceylon and Earl Grey tea, 4.0%) (available on cask/keg/can)

Our award-winning brewery brews up to 20,000 pints of beer every week and operates a busy taproom onsite, our core range of beers has evolved over the past nine years, reflecting the changing palate of today’s beer drinker. Our new tagline, ‘All beer no bull’, reflects our commitment to brewing the highest-quality beer possible without any pretences.

We are passionate that the quality of the beer should speak for itself and we seek to challenge the image of independent beer; when we started brewing in 2011, craft beer was an emerging concept in the UK and there was little choice on the market. Today, things have evolved and more customers are looking for bold, flavoursome choices everywhere they drink—whether it’s a taproom or their local pub.

By The Horns is doing things differently. We aim to bring beer lovers together, bridging the gap between traditional and modern styles. We believe that good beer is for everyone and that by spreading our passion for well-made, yet intensely drinkable beer, we can cater to a wide range of drinkers— whether they happen to be a seasoned craft beer lover or just looking for a quality pint.